Article posted on 17/2/2022,

Author: Hudson Pemba


Florence Nkhata

Gwiritse Cooperative is a farmer-owned organization located in Lilongwe district at Nsaru trading center in the area of group village Chamaluwa, T.A Kabudula under Ukwe E.P.A.
The Cooperative started as an association in June 2012 with a total of 100 members of which 75 were females and 25 males. Their main aim was to address market challenges that farmers were facing through aggregation and collective marketing of their maize. In 2014 Gwiritse started working with ACE and their Warehouse was constructed in the same year. In 2017 Gwiritse was registered as a Cooperative.
As a Cooperative, through ACE, Gwiritse received trainings on warehouse management as well as how to operate Warehouse Receipt System. Gwiritse also benefitted from a number of other trainings offered such as the Farmer business school (FBS), FO Cycle, the ACE Marketing School (AMS), and the ACE Marketing School for Leaders (AMS4L). Moreover, Gwiritse has adopted all ACE services, namely Trade Facilitation, Market Information and the Warehouse Receipt System. They have also participated in the Chithumba Model for a number of seasons.
Gwiritse regards the 2020-21 season as their most successful season as they made a profit amounting to MK 8,000,000 as a commission after they managed to sell 1,192mT of maize at ADMARC and National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA). This season 2021-22 Gwiritse plans is selling more than 5,000mT and they have aggregated already 842mT. Currently, the Cooperative has a total membership of 255 of which 66 are Males and 189 are females.

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