KAFUKULE CAC: How Chithumba made soya a profitable venture for us

Article posted on 17/2/2022,

Author: Etticken Gondwe

KAFUKULE CAC: How Chithumba made soya a profitable venture for us

Florence Nkhata

Kafukule FO, Traditional Authority Mtwalo, Njuyu EPA in Mzimba, was one of the Chithumba 2020-21 recipients who was able to fully repay their loan as well as sell their additional volume through the ACE platform.
The repayment volume amounted to 1,275kgs, leaving the 17 members with 4,675kgs to sell. They aggregated this tonnage with the rest of the FOs soya and were able to sell a total of 17,000kgs at 420mwk/kg thus earning 7,140,000mwk. This cash was shared among members of the FO. They are now making plans to start accessing farm inputs such as fertilisers by themselves as opposed to looking for loans.
This has, in turn interested more members of the FO to access the loan for the season. Moreover, the members who had already accessed their loan will be able to double the seed they are receiving next season as they fully repaid the loan for this season. A vividly excited member explained that the FO was about to stop producing soya due to low productivity levels, but that with Chithumba their yield almost doubled. This has made them understand that accessing seed through the Chithumbe project can be a profitable venture. The members said they have been farming various crops such as maize, soybean and groundnuts without much profit due to limited access to improved seed and good agricultural practices.

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