MR PHINEAS: How Chithumba changed my life     17/2/2022 14:31

Mr Master Phineas, member of Kasipa Cooperative in Nkhotakota has been a farmer for more than 20 years. Throughout his lifetime as a farmer he as been realising average harvests and, in numerous seasons, actually making losses. In 2020, he was one of the members of Kasipa Cooperative to receive the ACE Marketing School training where he learnt abou. … Read More »

KAFUKULE CAC: How Chithumba made soya a profitable venture for us     17/2/2022 14:28

Kafukule FO, Traditional Authority Mtwalo, Njuyu EPA in Mzimba, was one of the Chithumba 2020-21 recipients who was able to fully repay their loan as well as sell their additional volume through the ACE platform. The repayment volume amounted to 1,275kgs, leaving the 17 members with 4,675kgs to sell. They aggregated this tonnage with the rest of . … Read More »

GWIRITSE COOPERATIVE: Our journey with ACE     17/2/2022 14:23

Gwiritse Cooperative is a farmer-owned organization located in Lilongwe district at Nsaru trading center in the area of group village Chamaluwa, T.A Kabudula under Ukwe E.P.A. The Cooperative started as an association in June 2012 with a total of 100 members of which 75 were females and 25 males. Their main aim was to address market challenges tha. … Read More »

CHILIMIKA COOPERATIVE: How the Chithumba Model allowed us to grow soya     17/2/2022 14:15

Chilimika Farmers Cooperative was established in August 2017. The Framer Organisation (FO) had an active membership of 65. The main value chains the cooperative focuses on are maize, soya, groundnuts, and rice. The Cooperative is located in Mkhukhi Village, T.A Karonga, Chinguluwe EPA in the district of Salima. They have been trained in AMS, FBS, a. … Read More »

Record Season for the Warehouse Receipt System     15/2/2021 10:16

After the implosion of the agricultural industry in 2017, some commentators announced that the Warehouse Receipt System was dead. Of course ACE didn’t agree with this criticism at the time. Yes, the Warehouse Receipt System was on its knees, highly affected by the problems faced by the industry. But dead – absolutely not! Click on the bu. … Read More »


Khamalidyetsa Cooperative is located in Njedza village, Mponela EPA, in the centre of Dowa district. The Cooperative has an active membership of 120 farmers of which 100 are women and 20 men. The farmers have been using ACE services to acquire markets by aggregating their produce and selling in bulk since 2016. When Khamalidyetsa Cooperative first. … Read More »

Malunje Cooperative success soya export market     27/8/2020 10:57

Malunje Cooperative, located in the North East of Lilongwe became an active cooperative in 2017. It has an active membership of 150 farmers of which 96 are women and 54 are men. The Cooperative is situated in Chilaza EPA, Village Head Malunje in Traditional Authority Kalolo. Earlier in 2020, Malunje Cooperative received a four day intensive traini. … Read More »


In 2012, John Kabiya joined Mbomba Cooperative in Ntchisi. When he joined the Cooperative, Mr Kabiya’s financial status was not good. He was struggling to feed his family, pay school tuition for his 2 children and provide other basic needs for his family. During an interview conducted earlier in 2020, John explained that his main problem was la. … Read More »

ACE AFRICA receives Commodities Exchange License     18/4/2020 9:47

ACE AFRICA receives Commodities Exchange License from the Registrar of Financial Institutions An era of informally developing structured trade in Malawi comes to an end Lilongwe, Malawi, 8th April 2020: ACE Africa’s journey began in 2004 when National Smallholder Farmer’s Association of Malawi (NASFAM), conceptualised the idea of establis. … Read More »


Embracing farming as a business is a concept which Chitowo Soya Cooperative farmers have adopted since 2016. Chitowo Cooperative covers 12 villages and has farmers from 8 Group Village Headmen under T/A Kaphuka in Dedza. It operates its activities from its headquarters at Chitowo. Its total membership is 572 of which 210 are men and are 362 women. . … Read More »

ACE RMAs receive Training to become Farmer Business School Trainers     25/10/2018 11:33

MIERA/GIAE developed a business training tool called Farmer Business Schools (FBS) for smallholder farmers. The Farmer Business School is comprised of 12 training modules that aim to improve farmers planning, economic analysis and decision-making built on technical recommendations for the production of various commodities. The FBS also tackles issu. … Read More »

THE SECRETARY THAT MATTERS     8/10/2018 14:52

To be a manager and to be a Leader are two different things. A Manager knows how to manage resources whilst a Leader has a desire to achieve a goal with the resources at hand. This is what Masautso Lodsan, Secretary of Chitimbe Cluster, is all about. Chitimbe Cluster is located in Blantyre and has a membership of over one hundred members, of whic. … Read More »

ACE helps Matthews Soko market his soya     20/7/2018 15:28

Matthews Soko joined Tasanganapo Cooperative in 2017, in an attempt to start finding better markets for his maize, and has since both traded and deposited with ACE. Tasanganapo Cooperative is based in Mzuzu -a particularly challenging district due to the small number of buyers and the long distances to competitive markets. Farmers often end up sel. … Read More »

Kanadzeka Cooperative trades soya thanks to the ACE Marketing School     20/7/2018 15:23

Kanadzeka Producers and Marketing Cooperative is located in the centre of Dowa district alongside Dzaleka. The Cooperative has 105 farmers of which 42 members are women and 6 are youth. In February 2018, the ACE field staff for the area, Georgina Nkhoma, trained 30 members of the Cooperative on the ACE Marketing School (AMS). The Chairman of the C. … Read More »

ACE starts implementation of phase two of the ACE Marketing School     14/9/2017 11:56

The Agriculture Commodity Exchange rolled out the ACE Marketing School in February 2017, with the help of GIZ. The ACE Marketing School aims at equipping farmers with skills and knowledge on structured markets, and is implemented by the ACE rural Marketing Advisors who were fully trained to successfully conduct these trainings. In September, ACE Ma. … Read More »

An update on the Pigeon Pea Aggregator Model     30/8/2017 13:23

With support from the Business Innovation Facility (BIF), ACE is piloting a Pigeon Pea Aggregator Model in Mulanje, Thyolo, Blantyre and Mwanza. The pilot aims to create better marketing opportunities for farmers and small scale traders by facilitating trade, promoting and implementing the warehouse receipt system (WRS), and improving farmers’ ac. … Read More »

ACE Implements WRS in RAB warehouses in Dedza, Kasungu and Mchinji     24/8/2017 11:37

In March 2015, through a competitive solicitation process, Rab Processors was awarded a matching grant (PI-SMOG-Mal-01-03 Rab) of $732,953 by USAID’s Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation (FTF P4I) activity which is ending September 30, 2017. On Wednesday 12th April, 2017 USAID presided over the opening of the Dedza Kulima Gold warehouse,. … Read More »

ACE Introduces the ACE Marketing School     22/6/2017 11:6

The ACE Marketing School is a comprehensive training course for smallholder farmers delivered by the ACE Rural Marketing Advisors. This participatory training course on agricultural marketing, founded on the principles of the Farmer Business School, features five modules which provide in depth details about all ACE services. To ensure maximum im. … Read More »

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